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Women On The Move For Christ
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Women On The Move for Christ.

Jesus is the Bread of Life. Are you ready to take a piece.

The Main purpose of women on the move for Christ is simple. It's to show how god is working through women as well as all man-kind. A non-profit organization spreading the Gospel of God's holy and devine name. The Bible says that we we're all born of women. Then you go up to heaven with a father. So you have mother and father always wth forever and ever. Women blessed this earth with Jesus and the 12 disciples and then bestowed a mother upon John. A new Begginning to all eternity. So Remember that iti was a women that brought you and God that will take you out. The blessings flow through all. All be blessed and be Oh so joyful. God has not givin up on you so don't give up on him.

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Jesus is the bread of life.