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Concurrence by Fainaru

November 5, 2006
Okay I admit, I had some help coming up with the name from FF12 (playing that much of it can get to ya). But jokes aside this layout is for you to use and not to abuse. So no code ripping, image replacing or any fiendish acts of... Just follow the terms and edit what belongs to you: Your Content! I didn't spend 3 hours for nothing knowing that someone would claim this layout as theirs or something. Enjoy the design and the editable title.

Tested on Firefox, IE and Opera Valid CSS 2.0


  • No redistributing this layout.
  • Keep all credit links in tact.
  • Leave the image + stylesheet as it is.

Using this Layout

  • Use Winzip/Winrar to extract the files out.
  • Upload the files into your website server.
  • Follow the guildlines within this code to know where to insert content.
  • To create multiple pages with the same design, simply copy and paste what is in code onto a new page.
  • It is advised you know at least the basics of HTML to ensure the layout works.
  • Any questions concerning the layout can be addressed here or here.
  • Remember that the Terms of Use always applies if you plan to use this layout.
  • If you find the CSS too long, replace it with this stylesheet link:

CSS Elements

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